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It has certainly been… A Year (TM).

Well, 2020 has certainly been… quite a year hasn’t it? I’ve done enough wallowing on the state of the world and the frankly troubling local government response to the pandemic in my country, so I won’t go on about that.

The Big Four:

2020 may have been quite a dreadful year generally speaking, but in terms of video games? It’s been nothing but pure wish fulfillment for me: two of my favorite games of all time were getting revamps (Final Fantasy VII, and Crusader Kings II), and Sucker Punch gave me the open-world game setting I’ve always dreamed of. …

It’s been about a week since I finished Ghost of Tsushima (getting the Platinum just as the credits rolled), and I’m still stuck in the post-game emptiness. A lot of my free time since then has been spent dissecting the game with friends, watching Daisuke Tsuji (Jin Sakai’s English voice and mocap actor) play through the game, watching all the interviews with the developers I could find, and seeing the various perspectives that have popped up since it launched.

There’s so many things I want to say about a game that resonated so much with me, and I want to…

“But you gotta understand that there ain’t no gettin’ offa this train we’re on, ‘til we get to the end of the line.”

I boarded the Final Fantasy VII Remake hype train way back when they released the very first announcement trailer in the miraculous Sony conference of E3 2015 — where FFVII Remake was announced alongside the likes of “holyshit how is this even possible?” reveals of Shenmue 3 and The Last Guardian.

I remember waking up to messages from my friends linking me to the trailer and my deep regret at not staying up for the conference because I thought “eh they’re probably not gonna announce anything too important for me”.

I don’t know if I’d ever been more wrong in…

This is my 2019 top three.

Earlier in the year, I was already pretty sure about which releases I’d be eagerly anticipating. Here as 2019 comes to a close, I’m glad to say none of the games I was excited for disappointed me — and these three in particular, delivered even beyond that.

This is XIV cementing it’s place in the Final Fantasy pantheon, no longer just “the MMO one” in the series, but a fully-fledged Final Fantasy game with a story that can go toe-to-toe with the rest of the series. It’s wonderful, thought-provoking, beautiful to look at and listen to, fun…

And how it’s given me more joy in the past six months than a video game probably ever has.

I’ve always thought that Final Fantasy was my favorite gaming franchise because of the inexplicable way it always manages to be there for me when I needed it most — VII helped get me through the toughest times, X taught me how to put myself together again, and XV helped me appreciate the little things. But my fourth favorite in the series, XIV, has given me so much joy in so many ways.

My free trial was actually way back in…

As video games become more and more mainstream, we should be building bridges instead of walls.

I’ve been seeing a lot of discussion about “What is the true definition of a gamer?” around the local scene lately, and I’ve always seen the label problematic — as if being a “gamer” meant more than deriving your primary enjoyment from video games, as if it was a title to be earned and aspired to, that had clout, credibility, and elevated the “gamer” above their “normie” peers.

Well, to be honest, I find that line of thought kind of pointless.

With the rise…

Kratos’ latest outing delivers on all fronts — and gives us a game that’s truly an experience to behold.

The quieter moments in this game are actually my favorite.

What can be said about Sony Santa Monica’s latest God of War entry that hasn’t already been said? It’s gotten phenomenal critical acclaim, numerous perfect scores across publications, and is now the fastest-selling exclusive on the PlayStation 4.

I have to admit that even based on the marketing alone, the fresh coat of paint on the latest God of War was instantly intriguing. …

Persona 5, NieR: Automata and Horizon: Zero Dawn were my Top 3 in 2017.

2017 is being hailed as one of gaming’s best years in over a decade. I’m highly inclined to agree — it’s been a phenomenal year for video games across the board, and as 2018 rolls in, I’d like to share a bit about my favorite experiences and stories throughout the year.

Genre-definers — Horizon: Zero Dawn and Persona 5

Both of these games are in my personal top 3, mainly because of how objectively well-made they are. Extremely polished, almost redefining the Open-World Action RPG (Horizon) and JRPG (Persona) genres.

Persona 5 is on 3rd place in my personal Game of the Year rankings. It’s taken the series’…

Image Credits to Atlus

Everyone’s vying for your time in Persona 5, and here I’m gonna talk about all of them (except the Confidants that level up as the story progresses), in the order of least to most liked. All this stuff, is of course, subjective and personal.

17.) Haru
Haru stands at the bottom of my list because she’s simply a case of too little, to late. She feels like someone I’ve seen a lot of times in anime and JRPG’s that by this time it’s too hard to make the mold she follows interesting — innocent heiress to a big company, quietly following…

He’s the subject of my favorite copypasta.

And why he’s my favorite Dota 2 player: It’s one part being the most aggressive support in the pro-scene, one part the weird drafts and item builds, but for the most part it’s the highs and lows in the storyline of his career — and the fact that whenever he’s in a team, you can always expect an exciting early game.



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